About Us

Who Are We?

Dale and Lori both grew up in the Tri-City area; Lori was raised in Richland, and Dale in Finley. They have both been part of the local business community working in the service industry. They decided to venture out on their own and start a business they both understood-- how to take care of customers!

All they needed was a little motivation, and what better motivation than raising their beautiful daughter, Lexie. Dale and Lori want to be independent and make their way in the world by doing what they know and love.

"Every day we meet new people, Make great friends and make a name for ourselves by doing the best job we know how."

Dale's experience was handed down to him, and he is using that experience and knowledge to keep up with today's trends. Lori started cleaning houses for her family and friends at the age of 13. The "White Glove" would come out when her work was being checked, so she learned to have high expectations and to only do quality work. She took this same expectation and handed it down to her employees while training and occasionally does do checks to ensure your satisfaction, as well as her own.

"We are proud to serve the Tri-Cities area now and for years to come."


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